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Courtallam (Kuttralam) Waterfalls




Courtallam town, Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu



The water here is believed to have great curative powers

Best Season


July to late August

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Posted by uvi>>

main falls

main falls is my favourite falls, as well as i like very much.

Posted at 7:24:36 PM Aug 17th (Sat) 2013
Posted by uma ramanathan>>

joy of cascades

every waterfall has it's own charm but the cascades of courtallam are like family, they nudge you, smother you, engulf you and daunt you. The unhindered power of the main falls, the wild and tumbling five falls and the showers of thenaruvi and the thunderous old falls have an individual charm and when the person has had their full of this early paradise, he/she is at peace as the falls comforts and energizes us,

Posted at 12:49:33 PM Jul 29th (Wed) 2009
Posted by ramasamy>>


Almighty courtalanathasamy will have the sukku kasyam as prasadam daily ,just to prevent from cold attack

Posted at 10:36:01 PM Jul 23th (Thu) 2009
Posted by Praveen>>


I used to go for te fals in coutrallam from ma childhood....its really an awesme place to visit....u can stay for 3 days to enjoy der....among al i love Senbaga devi fals der...Pls dont miss te fals der....!!

Posted at 5:12:11 PM Jun 8th (Mon) 2009
Posted by tulasi>>

abt waterfalls

i saw Courtallam (Kuttralam) water falls it is very beautiful.

Posted at 6:44:02 PM Aug 1th (Fri) 2008