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Mukundapuram Taluk,Thrissur district, Kerala



One of the most scenic places in Kerala

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A visual treat of nature.. Athirappilly - Vazhachal are the most famous waterfalls in Kerala. Located east of Chalakudy in Thrissur district near the entrance to the Sholayar forest ranges (Kerala's famed rain forests), Athirappilly is 63 km, and Vazhachal, 68 km away from Thrissur. The falls are a part of the Chalakudy river stream which flows through the Vazhachal Forest Division. The forest division has 5 territorial ranges viz., Athirappilly, Charpa, Vazhachal, Kollathirumedu and Sholayar.

Athirapally, falls from a fairly good height of approximately 80 mts (150 feet) and joins the Chalakudy river below. The water fall can be viewed from several points. On the way from the road itself you can have a view of the waterfall. There is another view from the top of the water fall. For this view, you have to go through the main entrance. There is an entry ticket for this. The100 meter rock pathway inside the entrance is surrounded by thick bamboo clusters and monkeys can be seen playing around. There are benches, small coffee shops and restaurants for tourists to relax. From the river view, you need to take a decline to the right to get to the falls. It is a paved road suitably sloped. 

The third view, from the bottom of the water fall requires some mountaineering skills since the path is very narrow and sloped. But this is the most beautiful of all the three views of the waterfall. Half way through this slope, one can get glimpses of the beautiful falls and it feels great when the water droplets fall on your face. It is  an ideal place for an evening picnic  preferred only for youngsters. 

The view around and below from the flat rocky surface above the waterfall is breathtaking. Thousands of visitors from within and outside Kerala visit the spot, especially on weekends. The best period to view and enjoy the falls is during the monsoon (June - September). With its picturesque beauty Athirapilly has become one of the favourite location for movie makers.

Though beautiful  the river is also very dangerous especially during monsoon due to the slippery condition of the rocks, and the rocky bed has deep trenches hidden in between. Moreover the current may change suddenly and could lead to fatal accidents. The beauty of the water fall have lured people into it and many people have lost their lives in this waterfall. But there are certain spots that are comparatively safer and people could enjoy themselves in the water. 

Proper provisions are done on the spot to prevent mishaps while swimming  and a police camp is always positioned there. But one should not take it easy though he or she may be a good swimmer and at the risk of their life. Down the road, about 1.5 km away from Athirapilly is the Chapra Falls. About 5 km further lies the Vazhachal Falls. Further east, there is the Akkayam Falls.

Visiting Time - 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Entry Fees - Rs.15 per person. Parking charges of Rs. 15 for vans and Rs.10 for cars)

There are two amusement parks near Athirappilly - Vazhachal. The first one is dream world, which is far from Athirappally; second one, Silver storm being closer to Athirappally. Silverstorm also provides cottages for stay.

  • Silver Storm Amusement Parks (P) Ltd. (30km from Athirappilly and 5km from Vazhachal)
    Athirapilly, Vettilapara P.O, Chalakudy, Thrissur Dt- 680 721 Kerala 
    Tele/Fax 0480-2769116,2769150,2769496,2769700
    Mobile Nos : 9447603344, 9447775444
    Contact now: Email 1

  • Dream World (24km from Athirappilly and 5km from Vazhachal)
    Athirappilly Road, Chalakudy, Thrissur, Kerala.
    Tel/Fax: 0480-2746935, 2746955, 2747665
    Mobile: 94470 66866
    Contact now: Email 1