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Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary




Thrissur District, Kerala

Nearest town


Amballoor Town (12kms)

Best time to visit


April and June



Atlas Moth (world’s largest moths) can be seen here.

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Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the western Valley of Nelliampathy in the Mukundapuram Taluk of Thrissur district. Established in 1984, it is an idyllic getaway to wildlife where nature enthusiasts can find rare species of flora and fauna. A part of the Chimmini wildlife sanctuary lies adjacent to the Peechi-Vazhani wildlife sanctuary and the rest to the Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary.

Covering an area of about 85.067 km2, the sanctuary is on the Western slopes of the Nelliyampathi hills. The sanctuary also boasts Punda Peak which is situated at the eastern side of the sanctuary has an altitude of 1116m.

Echippara, 28 kms away from Ambaloor is the headquarters of this sanctuary. Inside the sanctuary,there is a dam constructed across the Chimmini river at 75 m above the sea level. The sanctuary, also consisting of the watershed areas of Kunumali and Mupliyam rivers, is encircled by hills. Consequent on the construction of Chimmini dam, an artificial lake has been formed here. This lake has an area of 10 sq.kms and a depth of 20m.

Chimmini sanctuary has a composition of West Coast tropical evergreen forest, West Coast semi-evergreen forest, Southern Indian moist deciduous forest and Leaf shedding forest. Fifty percent of the forests come under moist deciduous category, and 25% under semi-ever green category. West Coast tropical evergreen tree species such as Pali, Punna, Vediplavu, Anjili, Whitepine, Kampakom, White akil, Pathiri etc can be seen in the upper part and trees like Vetti, Thetti, Kara, Narakom, Marotti, Mullilam etc are seen in the lower parts. Semi Evergreen tree species such as Manja Kadambu, Ayani, Elavu, Pongu, White teak, Manimaruthu, Kanakkaitha, Vakkaplavu and Leaf Shedding tress like Thakara, Pala, Padachi, Venga, Puvam, Vedam Korana, Karimarunna, Pilla marunnu, Thani, Irul are seen here. Besides this, rare species of endangered orchids and herbs like Mara Manjal (tree turmeric) and Analivegam can be seen here.

Some of the mammals found here are Leopard, Elephant, Bear, Wild Pig, Wild Bison, Tiger etc. Over 110 species of avi fauna have been recorded of which 22 are migrants. Also found are more than 31 different species of local fish varieties, 25 rare species of reptiles, 14 varieties of amphibians including 'Churalaama' (a variety of tortoise) and 100 and odd types butterflies including the Atlas Moth' (world’s largest moths).

As part of community based eco-tourism, the local Malaya tribal communities organise various tourism packages like Trekking, Bamboo rafting and Night camping inside the sanctuary.
There are 10 eco- tourism packages offered here. This will give you glimpses of the rich flora and fauna present here.

Sl no.

Name of tour



Bamboo Rafting

Short trips and Full day programmes

100/per head (Maximum 10 people) without food

Birding trail (Time 6 am to 9 am)
Accompanied by skilled Eco-Guide

100/per head (Maximum 10 people) without food

Butterfly safari (Time 6 am to 11am)
Accompanied by skilled Eco-Guide 

100/per head (Maximum 10 people) without food

Nature walk for children (for Children – 7 to 14 years)
Accompanied by skilled Eco-Guide 

100/per head (Maximum 10 people) without food
Jungle craft & Animal tracking
(Specially for children) Skilled interpreters
100/per head (Maximum 10 people) without food
Moonlight sonata (2hrs)
100/per head (Maximum 10 people) without food

Nature Trails (Starts 7 am)

  • Light Treks (2hrs)
          Accompanied by Eco-Guide from Chimmony EDC

  • Moderate Treks (3hrs)
    Accompanied by Eco-Guide from Chimmony EDC
100/per head (Maximum 10 people) without food
Orchid trail
100/per head (Maximum 10 people) without food
More information please contact. 9595539715