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Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary




Dhule District, Maharashtra

Best time to visit


November to Februar



Barking Deer's,Chikaras, Hares, Porcupines and Jungle Cats

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Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular wildlife preserver in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Located on Bombay-Agra national Highway in Shirpur Tehsil of Dhule District, the sanctuary is a part of the southwestern range of Satpura range. Shares its boundaries with Yawal sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, the sanctuary was notified as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1986. It covers a total area of 82.94 sq km.

Its location, a perfect place to view a wide range of wildlife and the picturesque sceneries make it a favourite holiday destination for a family and friends. It was once extremely rich in wildlife, now it is trying to regain its previous status.


Most of the region comprises degraded scrub forests. The place is very rich natural vegetation. Some of the trees found here are Babul, Bel, Palas, Salaia, Khair, Terminenalia, Hiwar etc. Some of the common shrubs are Kusal, Bhuri, Kusali, Vitex Nigundo, Solanium Giganteum, Lantna, Zizphus Helicteres Isora and many more. Grasses that are locally named as Bhuri, Rosa, Kusal, Sheda, Kunda and Kusali.


Some common animals found here are Barking Deer's,Chikaras, Hares, Porcupines and Jungle Cats. Monitor Lizard is the common reptile in this sanctuary. A large variety of birds can also be seen here. The permanent residents of the sanctuary include Egrets, Qualis, Owls, Partridges, Peafs, Herons, Corts, Spot Bills, Cormorants, Eagle Hamers and Owls etc. During the winter months, the sanctuary attracts a lot of migratory birds, primarily Cranes, Stokes, Brahming Ducks and many Waders.