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Hogenakkal Falls




Dharmapuri District, Tamil Nadu



Niagra of India

Best Season


July to late August

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Hogenekkal is a picturesque holiday spot in Dharmapuri district of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The falls is located on the 64 kilometres long Palar River, which flows through the thick forest of Chamarajnagar and joins with the Cauvery River. The northern bank belongs to Tamilnadu, and the southern bank falls in Karnataka.

175Km from Bangalore, Hogenakal is also known as the ' Niagara' falls of India. Hogenakal means 'smoking Rock', a name derived from the cloud of mist and spray, that envelopes the chasm. Surrounded by lush green and serene surroundings, it is a promising holiday destination for tourists both domestic and foreign because it offers natural beauty, boating, massage, bathing, diving, fishing etc.

Hogenekkal is an unexploited tourist wonder with panoramic views and towering hills. The falls has gained great popularity in recent years because several movie scenes were shot at this picturesque location. The famous songs that shoot at this falls are 'Chinna Chinna Asai' from 'Roja', 'Mazhaiye Mazhaiye' from ‘Rhythm' and 'Raath Ka Nasha Abhi' from 'Ashoka'.During weekends, the place is chock- a- block with people, coming here to bath in the water showers or enjoy a circular boat ride.

Consists of a series of falls, Hogenakal, the whole spectacle is spread over a kilometer with two sections, half-a-kilometer each. From here, the River Cauvery enters the plains and the river dashing against the rocks is a great sight. The river here flows through a wooded valley, splitting and merging around rocks and little islands with towering trees. The water is 100ft deep at this place. A sacred bathing place Hogenakal is famed for the curative power of its waters. Waterfall is not visible unless hire the boats to reach the place. Crocale ( Parisal) is the best option to get near the falls. It has a bamboo frame covered with plastic. On the way of the ride, one can view the rocks and admire the beauty of the water fall.

Since the falls bordering the two states Karnataka and Tamilnadu, both these states are keen on exploiting the tourism potential of the falls. Tamil Nadu developed the northern part of the falls, which comes under its list, by providing facilities including comfortable jungle lodges, massage parlours and boating facility. There were lot of monkeys on the road through the mountains.

Circular Boat Ride- Price ranges from Rs500 to 800/- for 3 hours. Note : A good bargaining skills can reduce the price.

One boat can carry 5 to 6 persons. Please don't forget to ask the boatman to show his identity card because the government has issued ID cards for them. Usually the boatman will first take to the Karanataka side falls then Tamilanadu falls. There is a viewpoint tower (Fee Rs 2) from where one can enjoy the waterfall.

Body massage- This place is also famous for body massage. Price ranges from Rs 50 for head massage for 10-15 minutes and Rs100 for full body massage for 30-45 minutes. Ensure that these people have valid licence.