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Place : Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu
Altitude : 6,100 ft above sea level.
Temperature : Max Temperature:24.3°C; Min Temperature: 4.8°C
Significance : Coonoor is the second largest town and first of the three Nilgiri hillstations.
Best Season : Between October and March.
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A popular hill getaway in Tamil Nadu, Coonoor is the second largest town and first of the three Nilgiri hill stations - Udhagamandalam (Ooty), Kotagiri and Coonoor. Not commercialized, Coonoor makes a great place for a peaceful weekend getaway or a weekend. 19 km from Oooty, Coonoor is at an altitude of 6,100 ft above sea level. it used to be home to the Coon tribe (oor means hamlet in Tamil). Eventhough, the British left this hill station years ago Coonoor, still have a very colonial feel all ove including clubs, beautiful bungalows and gardens.

Located on the way from Coimbatore to Udhagamandalam, Coonoor's climate is noticeably warmer and less wet than that at Udagamandalam. Physically divided into upper and lower Coonoor with the commercial part being in the lower and residences in the upper part.

The hill station gained it's popularity as a hill-station way back in the 19th century when the British made Udhagamandalam a popular hill resort. It was first discovered by John Sullivan. Between 1820 and 1827, the then British settlers developed the area and laid down the first railway line (now known as the Blue Mountain Railway). 

Also known as the 'Jewel of the Nilgiris', the hill station lures its visitors with its rolling tea plantations, valleys, waterfalls and panoramic views. The hill station also provides trekking and hiking. Like Oooty, the toy train ride from Coonoor to Oooty and back is really amazing.

Coonoor offers a lot of sites to visit

Sim's Park

Situated at an elevation of 5,800 - 5,900 feet, Sim's Park is the major attraction in Coonoor. It was founded in 1874 by Mr. J.D. Sims and Major Murray as an amusement park. Covers an area of 12 acres of undulating land, the park spread across a ravine, has been developed into a botanical garden partly in Japanese style.

Divided into eight major sections, the park boasts a large variety of trees and plants including over 1,000 species of huge tree ferns, giant rhododendrons from the Himalayas, Australia, Africa, China, Europe, Brazil etc; and more than 399 varieties of roses. The park also contains rare species of trees not found in Oooty as it is protected by the Doddabetta ranges from the onslaught of the monsoons.

The park has the Himalayan holy Rudrakhsa and the Australian Monkey Puzzle. During the summer season, when all flowers are in full bloom, Sim's Park provides a visual treat to it's visitors. 

Natural shola on the higher slopes of the ravine with winding footpaths all over, fine grassy lawns, pleasant climate are the most distinctive feature of this park. After the Flower Show in Ooty, an annual fruit and vegetable show is held in May (The entry fee Rs.5 for adults and Rs. 2 for children). 

Lamb’s Rock or suicide point

This rock is situated 6 km away on a high precipice on the way to Dolphin's Nose. It offers panoramas of the tea and coffee estates covering the lower slopes of the Nilgiri Hills with the plains of Coimbatore beyond. Named after Captain Lamb, who tried to open a path to that particular point. The rock is a jagged cliff that drops down several hundred feet to the lush jungle below. From Lamb's Rock, a 6 km out of Coonoor, is a panoramic view of the gaping Burliyar ravine, and the green ghats rising out of the Mettupalayam plains.

Dolphin's Nose

12 km from Coonoor, near Tiger Hills, is another breathtaking view point. The people named it Dolphin's Nose because the tip of the peak looks like a Dolphin Nose. Another 10 km away can see St. Catherine falls and the Coonoor Stream meeting the Kotagiri Stream, Black Thunder in Mettupalayam, and tribal huts. It is also another beautiful place for people who interested in photography.

Silkworm Rearing Station

Located near Sims Park and maintained by the Central Silk Board, Silk Rearing Station does silk production and research on improving quality of silk. A Regional Research Station now can be visited with permission from the station itself.

Pasteur Institute

Situated opposite the main entrance to Sims Park, Pasteur Institute of India was established in 1907. One of the leading Institute, this researches into Antirabies Vaccine and DPT group of Vaccines. It is open on Saturday’s 10.30 to 11.15 am. Other days, one will need prior permission to visit this place.

Address: Pasteur Institute of India
Coonoor - 643 103, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
Office:+91-423-22 31 250, 2232602
Email : oty_piicnr@sancharnet.in

Law’s Fall

It is situated 5km from the junction of Coonoor and Kateri River on the road to Coonoor – Mettupalayam. Named after Col.Law, who founded and constructed the Coonoor ghats, Law's fall is one of the beautiful places for a short walk through the forest. Falls from approximately 180 feet, Law’s Fall attracts many tourists. Note that this is not safe for consumption.

St. Catherine Falls

Situated at about 5 km from Kothagiri enroute to Mettupalayam road, these two falls can be viewed from the top of Dolphin's Nose. It is surrounded by beautiful views of forest, tea plantations and the Mettupalayam plains. The upper fall cascades down a height of 250 feet is the second largest waterfall in the Nilgiris.

Pomological Station

One of the three experimental fruit gardens in the Nilgris maintained by the Horticultural Department (The other two are Burliar and Kallar on the Coonoor - Mettupalayam ghat road) Apples, Plums, Peaches, Lemons, Apricots Pomegranates etc., are cultivated here for the purpose of research.

Lady Canning’s Seat

Situated 8kms from Coonoor, it is few kilometers further on the road from Lamb’s Rock. Named after Lady Canning, who used to spend her time in this beautiful place which commands a panoramic view of the numerous tea estates, Lamb's Rock, the Droog, and the Lampton's Peak. From here one can have bird's eye view of Mettupalayam. 

The Droog

Also called Bakasura Malai (malai means mountain in Tamil), linking it to the legend of a local demon, Bakasura, Droog is 17 kms from Coonoor. Here lies a worn out fort, which was built by Tipu Sultan. He was used this fort as a military outpost. Located 6,000 ft above the plains, one have to trek down 3-4 kms from Nonsuch Estate. Besides this fort, the site offers panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

Raliar Dam

15kms from Coonoor, this dam is situated near the Banthimai village. This dam provides water for Coonoor.


Wellington, lies between Ooty and 3 km above Coonoor, was established in 1852 as a military cantonment. It still serves as the headquarters of the 250 year old Madras Regimental Center. It It also the Head Quarters of the Defense Staff College. Nearby is the Wellington Golf Course which is famous location among the film makers. Nearby is the Hidden Valley and St.George Church.

Hidden valley

It is situated 4kms from Coonoor. One of the perfect place for trekking , the valley offers a breath taking view of the plains below. All Saints' Church in Bedford, Coonoor's oldest church, There are several shady walks in Coonoor including Walker's Hill, Brookland's Rd etc.

Around Coonoor


15 kms from Coonoor, Ketty has beautiful landscapes. It was here, the famous hindi song "Chaiyya Chaiyya" from the movie "Dil Se" picturising Shahrukh Khan was shot. St Michael Convent (the final bits of Saajan, another famous hindi movie were shot here), with its green roof set among cabbage fields, with a large statue of a silver angel is another beautiful sight.


Known as the 'Queen of the Blue Mountains'(nilgiri), Ooty is 18 kms from Coonoor. Ooty is famous for its rolling hills which covered with pine and eucalyptus forests. It was discovered and developed as a summer retreat by British Collector John Sullivan. The British life style were developed with cottages and clubs - tennis, golf and riding. Read more...


One of the oldest and largest hill stations in Nilgiris, Kottagiri is located in an 'open-terrace' massif at a height of 6511 feet above the sea level. The place is about 30 km. east of Udhagamandalam, 23 km. from Coonoor 33 km. from Mettupalayam and 16kms from Ooty. Earlier known as 'Kota-Keri' or (Kota-gherry) literally means the street or lines of the house of the Kotas was once used to be the summer resort of the British. The kotta settlement there was shifted to Aggal hamlet (2kms away) after the government had acquired the land in 1911. There is a temple dedicated to Kamataraya deity and the annual festival which falls on Arudra Darshan day is of great importance to all the Kotas. Kotagiri is a perfect locale for the tourist with several destinations like kodanad view point, longwood shola, rangaswamy pillar and peak etc. One could visit Kotagiri at any time, as the climate is pleasant through out the year. Tourist homes and hotel are available for the accommodation purpose.