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Place : Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu
Altitude : 5,500 feet above sea level.
Temperature : Minimum 13o C in winter and Maximum 30 C in summer 
Significance : A less crowded and secluded hill station
Best Season : September to June
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Bellikkal, a less crowded and secluded hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu, is located south east of the Mudumalai forests on the Sigur Plateau, 16 km from Oooty and 249 km South of Bengalaru. Located at an altitude of 5,500 feet, much of its natural charm and peace are still well preserved today.

The reserve forests of Mudumalai and Bandipur and Moyar River are spread out down below which can all be enjoyed from Bellikkal. To maintain the ecological balance of this hill resort, the region has been demarcated. There are also many distinctive species of flora in the region some of which are used for research by scientists across the world. The place is noted for Ayurvedic massage also.

Bellikkal is abundant with a wide variety of avifauna and one can see Woodpeckers, Bulbuls, Shrikes, Morning doves, Drongos and Crow pheasants. Seeing Bear, Bison, Deer, Elephants and Tigers are also a possibility in the region. For those who want adventure, Mountain biking and trekking would be an excellent choice.

There are several vantage points at Bellikkal that provide many beautiful vistas and panoramic views of the surrounding mountain peaks, cardamom forest, hills, valleys and rivers.



One of the main attraction is the kurinji bush with several branches. The flower has purplish blue colour when aged. It looks light blue in the earlier stage of blooming. When in full bloom, they lend a bluish haze to the area. But these bushes blossoms in a clusterd manner once in twelve years.

Kalhatti Falls

The location of the Kalhatti Falls or Kalahasti Falls in a salubrious setting makes it a good picnic spot for domestic tourists. The gushing waters of the Kalhatti Falls, from the top of Chandra Drona Hill cascades down to 400 feet. The famous Hindu saint Agasthya is associated to this place. A 5th century old cave temple with three stone carvings of three elephants is situated at the base of this falls. Water cascades over these elephants and a belief that these waters have healing power. It is a trekkers delight.

Bison Valley

The valley is acquired its name from the Indian bison that roam throughout the area. Besides Bisons, the lust green forests is home to many animals like bear,deer, monkey, leopard, elephant and birds like woodpeckers, drongos, bulbuls etc. From this beautiful valley one can enjoy the panoramic views of cardamom forests and tea estates. The valley is best to visit during Summer season. The valley offers good trekking opportunities also.

Bellikkal Lake

The Bellikkal Lake is a beautiful lake surrounded by pristine surroundings the lake is a great place to see many wild animals like elephants, tigers, bear, bison etc. It is also a great place for bird watching. Boating on the lake is possible.