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Mahabalipuram Beach

Place : Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram), Kanchipuram district, Tamilnadu
Highlight : One of the longest Beach in India and magnificent monuments besides this beach. 
Best time to visit : November to February
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The old port town of Mahabalipuram also known as Mamallapuram on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, has a coastline spanning a distance of over 20 km with beautiful beaches. Located 58km from Chennai on the  Mahabalipuram road, the golden sandy beach is a picturesque place bounded by the shimmering sea and rolling hills. Identified as the most pristine beaches of Tamil Nadu, the beach attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. The beach is an idle place for sunbathing and lazing around. The sea is rough and swimming is not recommended.

Mahabalipuram beach also has some ancient historical monuments in its close proximity and this is the main reason of attraction of this beach. There is one of the oldest shore temples in South India built by the Pallava King Rajasimha in the early 8th century and the world's largest bas-relief, the 'Penance of Arjuna', which is 96ft long and 43 ft high, the five rathas and the tiger's cave along the beach. On the way to Mahabalipuram Beach is Dakshinachitra, 28 km from Chennai, a heritage space with exhibitions and workshops of the arts and crafts including traditional home architecture and performing artists of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Other places worth a visit while on a tour to the beach include the crocodile farm where about 5000 crocodiles of 6 different species, alligators and other reptiles are bred in captivity, kept in open, marshy enclosures, snake venom extracting centre and a school of art and sculpture. 

Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu hosts a Dance Festival annually at Mahabalipuram during Jan- Feb. The festival which lasts for a month has exponents of classical dances like Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi, well as folk dances perform in an open air stage against the magnificent backdrop of the Pallava rock sculptures. A wide choice of accommodation for longer stays are provided at various rates along the beach draw holiday seekers all round the year. Accommodation is available at Hotel Tamil Nadu (Beach Resorts Complex), Hotel Tamil Nadu II Camping Site and other beach resorts and lodges.