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Alibaug Beach

Place : Raigad District, Maharashtra
Highlight : One of the favorite weekend gateway for residents of Mumbai.
Best time to visit : November to February
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A quiet serene beach nestling peacefully in palm groves, Alibaug Beach is a popular weekend getway for the citizens of Mumbai. It is situated about a kilometre south of the Alibaug bus stand on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra near Mumbai-Goa road. 

Alibaug is known as Goa of Maharashtra State because the town is surrounded by sea from three sides. It is also district headquarters of Raigad district. The town Alibaug has large number of beaches like Versoli, Kihim, Awas, Sasavne, Mandwa, Akshi and Nagaon. Among them, Alibag Beach is the main beach. 

With its picturesque destination, clean waters and black sands, the beach has become one of the favorite weekend gateway for residents of Mumbai as well as Pune. A short walk from the Alibaug bus stand, reach this beach. The beach has a lot of visitors friends group, families and lonely souls at most times. The famous Kolaba fort can be seen from here.

One can see coconut trees swaying and glistening water stretching as far as the eye can see. The beach has no facilities for water sports like boating, diving or snorkelling. Walking and sunbathing, riding in the six seated horse driven buggies (Rs 10 per person for 15mts) are the most ideal activities in Alibaug Beach. 

Even though the beach is safe for swimming at high tide, be cautious during low tide, as there are no lifeguards on the beach. One can travel on six-seated horse-driven buggies offer rides (Rs 10 per person for 15 mins), and the vendors move across the embankment to sell their stuff on the beach. 

Nearby Attractions

Those who are an adventure freak, visit Kolaba fort, just 1- 2 km off the shore of this marvelous beach. At low tide, visitors can walk to the fort but it is very dangerous during high tide so donít try to cross at. Be sure to check the proper timings to visit the fort from vendors and locals on the beach. It will take 3 to 4 hours to see this fort.

Entry fee: Rs 5/- for Indians , Rs 100 for foreigners; Video cameras: Rs 25/-.

Akshi Beach and Nagaon Beach
It is situated just 5 km south of Alibaug on the Alibaug-Revdanda road. Akshi is a quiet fishing village with quaint houses and a road through coconut groves leads to the beach which is lined with Suru Trees. This beautiful white sand beach is frequented only by the locals. Further, a 7 km south on the same road is Nagaon a picturesque beach. 

Versoli and Kihim
Versoli is situated about 2 km to the north of Alibaug Beach. Itís a love ly walk through green lanes to Versoli. From here one can see the Kolaba Fort, Khanderi Fort and Underi Fort. Both these forts were built in the late 17th century. Khanderi Fort is under the control of Bombay Port Trust, so visitors needs to have prior permission to enter on the island. Hire a local boat (Rs 500 or more) from Versoli, Kihim or Thal to visit these forts. Kihim Beach is situated 11 km from Alibaug to the north. The beach is a lovely white sand beach, dotted with beautiful farmhouses and lush coconut palms. It is a quiet and good place for a one day picnic.