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Anjuna Beach


Anjuna, 18km from Panaji, Goa


Wednesday Flea market, Full moon parties

Best time to visit

October to February

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The Village of Anjuna in north Goa is a five square mile enclosure nestling between the Arabian Sea and the hill overlooking the beach. Anjuna beach is one the most popular beaches of Goa situated 8 km west of Mapusa and 18km from the capital Panaji. The beach is known for its palm trees, soft sands and natural beauty. It has an astonishing lays of rocks, spread across the white sand near the sea. This area was known as the Jewel of Anjuna and called 'Ozran'.  Anjuna attracts a variety of tourists touring Goa, especially during the Christmas and New year season. 

Bathing is generally safer at Anjuna than at most of the nearby resorts, especially at the more peaceful southern end of the beach where a rocky headland keeps the sea calm and the undertow to a minimum. Sun bathing is the most favored activity of the sun starved European tourists. At the north of the Anjuna, is its famous flea market  where small cafes, bars and Kashmiri handicrafts stalls are lined. Anything and everything under the sky can be found here. It is famous for its electric items that are on sale. Flea market is held on Wednesdays and if Flea marketyou are good at bargaining, then you can walk away with good stuff at throw away prices. Main tourist spots nearby are the Chapora fort and the Albuquerque mansion.

Anjuna is also known for the full-moon parties that are held here for young tourists particularly during Christmas and New year. Campfires burn bright all through the night and the music and merriment carries on till the morning. There is always some activity going on after the flea market and the music and the powerful sound systems keep the people stay on in the beach for long. There are a number of drinking spots on the beach. The exhilaration of Bungee Jumping from an 80-ft tower and water-sports facilities like paragliding and windsurfing enhance the fun at Anjuna.

Anjuna beach is a favourite haunt of the hippies who used to conduct the famous rave beach parties. It was in the late 1950s to mid-1960s that hippies started visiting Anjuna beach to drown in their trance music with just loneliness for company. It is the hippies who started these rave beach parties wherein they would sing and dance through out the night under the vast blue sky lit only by the moonlight.

Best time to visit
The tourist season in Anjuna starts in early November, when most of the long staying regulars show up. During the Christmas and New Year rush, the village and beach site is busy with a mixed crowd of round the world backpackers and tourists from all over India, attracted by the promise of the big beach parties.

Places To Eat
There are a lot of places at Anjuna with good places to eat and drink. Most are simple semi open aired, palm leafed huts, which specializes in sea food. All serve cold beer.  The German bakery, White Negro, Sea breeze cafe, Martha's breakfast home, Friends corner are some of them.

Money Exchange: Money can be changed at the Oxford and Orchard stores as well as all your retail needs can be met. There is the facility of encashment against Visa Cards at the Bank Of Baroda on the Mapusa Road but the bank doesn't do foreign exchange.