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Gopalpur Beach


Berhampur, Ganjam district, Orissa


The best beach resort in Orissa

Best time to visit

September to March

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Gopalpur-on-sea, also termed as 'best beach resort in Orissa' in the Ganjam district is a virtual feast to the eyes and a joyful experience for sea lovers. Those who wants some real beach experience Gopalpur-on-Sea is the perfect destination.

180 km away from Bhubaneshwar, it is situated 16 km from south-east of Berhampur. Even though this beach is not so famous among the tourists, it offers a peaceful holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Set amidst casuarina groves, on the Bay of Bengal, the beach got its name from an 18th century temple dedicated to Lord Krishna (Gopala).

With plenty of white sand, free of noisy crowds Gopalpur on sea offers its visitors a lot of sailing opportunities, fun, plays etc. The sea at this beach is quite sedate. Rimmed by coconut and palm trees makes Gopalpur on sea is a picturesque place. 

This place is more than just beach. It was an ancient port from which early settlers from Kalinga sailed as Javam Bali and Sumatra. Later , the port became leading port during the days of East India Company. Their trade with Burma (ex name of Myanmar) for the sale of Rice from Rangoon made Gopalpur a prominent trading port. It was earlier known as a whining harbor. In those days, there were dances and parties and wealthy Bengalis from Calcutta made it their holiday home.

It's partially ruined walls and remains of an ancient jetty standings as a witness to Orissa's ancient maritime glory. The jetty was renovated in 1970s by the Orissa Government, it's pillars are hundred feet deep. When the tsunami hit the coast in December 24th 2004 , the remnants of the pier built by the British are more visible. 

The old lighthouse, which was used to guide the ships to the shore still stands here. 

Now, this become a serene and beautiful beach town with tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of Gopalpur on Sea. The beach festival, which is conducted  (Dec- Jan) in Kartika Purnima Day every year with the support of Ganjam District Administration is a major attraction here. Started to promote tourism and culture, Ganjam District Hotel Association started this festival in 1996.  

At Gopalpur on Sea, one can enjoy the beauty of the blue sea and plenty of fishing boats in a distant horizon. The sunrise and the sunsets and sight of people swimming at the beach or just sunning themselves, fishermen mending their nets, fishing etc are a welcome sight for the tourists. 

On the sea shore one can see plenty of stalls selling different artifacts made from shells as souveniers for decorating or giving as a present. Sand sculptures made by local artists can be found here. 

Nearby the beach is some restaurants that serves mouth watering sea foods treats to its visitors and coconuts quench the thirst. On the east coast of Orissa, this quiet beach is also an ideal for surge-swimming, boating and yachting. It is a surfer's delight and excellent for sailing. 

The major tourist attractions near Gopalpur-on-sea are Taptapani (67 km) a hot water springs, Dhavaleswar (15 km ) known for its widespread golden beach and a sand bleached Lord Shiva Temple.