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Ganapatipule Beach

Place : Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Highlight : One of the most popular excursions from the Kolhapur city.
Best time to visit : November to January
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Ganapatipule beach is one of the famous tourist spots in Maharashtra state. One of the most popular excursions from the Kolhapur city (150 km), it is in Ratnagiri, the headquarter of Ratnagiri district. The beach is one of the few beaches in state that have still untouched by the transformation of time.

Surrounded by lush green pastures, Ganapatipule beach is an idyllic spot for peace-seekers, beach lovers, and pilgrims alike. Located 350kms south of Mumbai, it is one of the most picturesque beaches amongst the Konkan Beaches.

The name Ganapatipule as the name suggest derives its name from the Lord Ganesha (the Elephant God) and Pule-into sand dunes. Thus, the beach, and the village located nearby, came to be known as Ganapatipule. The reason for this name is due to the presence of a 400-year-old ‘Swayambhu Ganapati temple’ of Ganesha. It is an important pilgrim centre which attracts hindu devotees all round the year. Situated at the foot of the hills, it has been built on white sand dunes. This temple is one of the ‘Ashta Ganapatis’ (eight Ganapatis) in India. The God is considered to be the Paschim Dwardevta (Western Sentinal God of India). The temple is built in such a way that at during sunrise and sunset, the sun rays falls in the Garbhagriha and illuminates the idol.

On the way to the beach one can find the eal beaty of konkan region with narrow roads, red soil, roofed houses, clean courtyards, fruit bearing trees and casuarinas. The entire stretch of beach also has lots of greenery with densely covered coconut palms and mangroves. The silver sand beach is lined with with shops and shacks.

Swimming is the main activity in Ganapatipule beach and its clear water is very suitable for swimmers. But careful at low tide There are lifeguards on the beach. Water Sport facility is also available (except during monsoon). Fees for Motorboat (Rs 30 per head, per round); water scooter (Rs 40 per round) and a pedal boat (Rs 20 for 15 mins).

One can spend time in Ganapatipule beach on an unforgettable horseback and camel rides. velation. One can enjoy the fabulous beauty of sunrise and sunset from the beach.

The winter season is most pleasant but the ideal months to visit this beach is November to January.

Near Ganapatipule beach there are number of other attractions in and around which include, Malgund the birth place of the famous poet Keshavsoot (Entry fee to visit his house is Rs 5 Timings 8.30 am-7 pm daily), Jaigad Fort, Ratnagiri, Velneshwar, Marleshwar (60 km from Ganapatipule this is famous for its Shiva temple and waterfalls), Derwen (85Km from Ganapatipule, Shiv Shristiand Parshuram is situated here). One can also visit the Thebaw Palace. The famous historical building was constructed in 1910-11 to accommodate the exiled king and queen of Burma from 1911-1916. Other local attractions in and around Ganapatipule beach include Velneshwar beach temple and Pawas, which houses the ashram of Swami Swarupanand where religious programs are held regularly.