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Pin Valley National Park




Lahaul & Spiti District, Himachal Pradesh

Best season


March to June & September to October

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Rare species like Snow leopards, wooly hare, Tibetan gazelle

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Spread over an area of, this park is located in the Pin valley of the Spiti region of Lahaul and Spiti district. It was declared a National Park on 9th January 1987. The area has a mountainous track with elevation from 3,700 to 6,600mts from the mean sea level. The park is perpetually covered with snow above 5,000mts. 

The vegetation is sparse and cold desert type prominent shrubs are wild rose, hipochea, ephedra etc. The main species of animals in this park are snow leopard, snow wolf, Himalayan brown fox, ibex, Bharal, Himalayan blue sheep, Red Indian Fox, mouse hare and marmots, porcupine, weasels, lizards and rare species like the wooly hare, Tibetan gazelle etc. Prominent birds are Himalayan snow cock, chakar partridge, hill pigeon, yellow and red bill chough, coots, teals and pen tails. 

The wildness and remoteness of the rough terrain makes the area difficult to access for commoners. Foreign tourists are not allowed. Even Indian tourists are required to obtain a permit for entry from Deputy Commissioner, Shimla or Sub Divisional Magistrate, Rampur.