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Panna National Park




Panna and Chhatarpur districts, Madhya Pradesh



A Project Tiger Reserve in 1994

Best Time to Visit


January to May 

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Panna National Park is situated in the central state of Madhya Pradesh at a distance of around 57 km from the World Heritage Site' Khajuraho'. Spanning along the Panna and Chhatarpur districts in Madhya Pradesh, the park covers a total area of 543 km. The region is also famous for its diamonds. One of the best tiger reserves in India, Panna National Park is known for its wild cats including tigers, deer and antelope. Due to its closeness to Khajuraho, the park has the potential of becoming a major tourist attraction. Many people who visit Khajuraho also visit this Park, to see the majestic cats. Being ignored by tourism this park is not famous as other tiger reservers in country. Formerly the park was the hunting reserves of the princely states of Panna, Chhatarpur and Bijawar. In 1975, the north and south Panna Forest Divisions were declared as the Gangau Wildlife Sanctuary. Panna National Reserve was created in 1981 and declared a Project Tiger Reserve in 1994.


The terrain consists of rocky and uneven landscape which covered by scrubby vegetation, gorges and waterfalls and grass. It has a dry and hot climate. The vegetation that covers most of the park is of the miscellaneous dry deciduous forest interspersed with grassland areas. The park contains riverines, open grasslands, open woodlands with tall grasses and thorny woodlands forest types. River Ken pass through this park which is the main water source of the water birds and crocodiles. A boat ride on the Ken River is an amazing experience where one can get a glimpse of the water birds and the dense forest of Panna National Park. 

Some of the floral species includes tree species, which are found in the Panna National Park are Tectona grandis, Diospyros melanoxylon, Madhuca indica, Buchnania latifolia, Anogeissus latifolia, Anogeissus pendula, Lannea coromandelica, Bosswelia serrata etc.


The animal population of this park comprises Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris), leopard (Panthera pardus), panther, blue bull, wild dog (Cuon alpinus), wolf (Canis lupus), hyaena (Hyaena hyaena), caracal (Felus caracal) and sloth bear. One can also spot the sambar, chital, chowsingha, nilgai and chinkara in most open areas. Panna park also has a rich collection of reptiles including the Long snouted crocodile (gharial), fresh water crocodile (mugger) etc.

The park is also rich in bird life. Around 200 species, including resident and migratory birds are found in the park. Species of birds include white necked stork, bareheaded goose, Painted Sandgrouse, honey Buuzzard, King vulture, Blossom headed Parakeet, Paradise flycatcher and a wide variety of owls. 

Park entry fee Indians Rs 40, foreigners Rs 500 (covers both morning and afternoon safaris) Jeep rental Rs 1,500 per half day Cameras Still Rs 40, video Rs 200 Guide charge per vehicle Rs 100 Private vehicle fee Rs 150 Timings 6.30-10.30 am, 2.30-5.30 pm

Safaris and boat ride

Jeep Safari 
There are no jeeps provided by the government so one have to rent jeeps from private operator or hotel for a safari into the park.
Jeep Safari timings 6.30-10.30 am and 2.30-5.30 pm. 

Boat Ride 
The forest department provides the tourists approximately 1 hr boat ride on the Ken River. The 'Ken River Lodge' offers a boat tours outside the park for its residents. These trips can be arranged any time and it is more good than the Forest Department tour . 
Forest Dept park boat ride timings - 6.30 -10.30 am, 2.30-5.30 pm 
Fee : Indians Rs 150 (1-5 pax), foreigners - Rs 150 per person

Elephant Safari
The park also provides an Elephant Safari for its visitors. 
Fee : Indians - Rs 100, foreigners - Rs 600