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Dachigam National Park




Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Main attraction


Hangul /Kashmir stag (Red Deer)

Best time to visit


May to August for upper Dachigam and September to December for lower Dachigam

Nearest town


Srinagar (22km)

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How to Reach

Air :Srinagar is the nearest airport, connected by a daily Indian Airlines flight from Delhi (11:40). The journey takes just around 75 minutes. Jet Airways has the following connections to Srinagar : Jammu-Srinagar (13:35, Daily) and Delhi-Srinagar (11:15, Daily).

Rail : Jammu is the nearest railhead, connected by daily trains from Delhi like the JP Jat Exp. (22:35), Jammu Mail (21:15), Shalimar Exp. (16:05), Jhelum Exp. (20:49), Malwa Exp. (7:10) & the Tata Jat Exp. (20:40). Trains between Mumbai-Jammu are Jammu Tawi Exp. (23:15, Sat) & Swaraj Exp. (6:45, Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun) while Kolkata is connected through the Jammu Tawi Exp. (11:45, daily) and Chennai through the Andaman Exp. (5:15, Wed, Thu, Sun).

Road : To reach the place by road from Srinagar, travel via state road from Shalimar Bagh and Harwan to Dachigam National Park, while to gain access from Jammu, take the NH1 to Srinagar and follow the state road from there to Dachigam. Lower Dachigam is well connected to Srinagar by metalled roads w
hile upper region of the park can only be accessed on foot