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Bannerghatta National Park




Bangalore, Karnataka

Nearest town


Bangalore (22km)

Best season


November - June



Open to visitors between 9 am and 5 pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

Main attraction


Park Safari's

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Posted by G.Parasmal>>

Zoo facilities

To. The Zoo Executive,

we had been to the zoo last week, where i, noticed that there was no proper signals for the visitors to go on the way, which way to visit first than next and no exit boards seen.

I suggest it will be easier for the visitors if you can provide a path with good board signs.

Posted at 11:27:00 AM Nov 29th (Thu) 2012
Posted by Kavya Urs>>

Wildlife must be secured and protected

watching wild animals-great, creating awareness about wildlife-great, but not at the cost of causing animals despair and robbing of their quality of living for which we do not have the rights. Please do not encourage public intrusion to the wild animals' habitat. Reduce the frequency of visiting and number of visitors at a time. Stop commercialization at the cost of discomfort for these poor innocent creatures.

Posted at 3:39:09 PM Feb 4th (Thu) 2010
Posted by Rahul>>

my experience

this park usually opens 9am-5pm all days except tuesdays. the safari cost varies from Rs 65-100 on weekdays & Rs 90-125 on holidays. this experience was muct respite for me, after visiting bandipur national park. here u can find lot of deers, black bears few lions & tigers (very close look possible). & the butterfly park is very nice place to relax with frnds & family. the zoo is also good. the must watch are- indian cobra, king cobra & python & bears, & lovable birds. this is good but u must visit Gir National park or jim corbet for more interesting encounters with wildlife. thank you

Posted at 7:29:16 PM Jan 14th (Thu) 2010
Posted by nanda kishore>>

Permit info on Read comments/Tour Packages

The above said in the Review Title is disabled I believe. It helps the people to know about the maintenance and thereby it will also be a step to improve the park to the concerned authority. Please look into it. Thanking you.

Posted at 9:57:16 AM May 17th (Sun) 2009