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Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary




Kollam District, Kerala

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Kollam Town

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January to March



One of the richest floral areas of Kerala

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Located in Pathanapuram Taluk, 66 kms from Kollam Town on the Kollam - Shencotta Road, Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the richest floral areas of Kerala. Declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1984, it covers a total area of 100.32 sq.kms. The name Shenduruny is derived from the tree called 'Shenkuruny or Chenkuruny' (Gluta travancorica) mainly found in this region. 

Previously, this area was under the Thenmala Forest Division. Here clear felling and selection felling were practised and the clear felled areas were converted to plantations. In 1940's the road widening in Thiruvananthapuram - Shencottah (T.S.Road) improved the deterioration of the Shenduruny forests. The fauna status was found to be well Eventhough, these disturbances happened Despite all these, the fauna status of the valley was found acceptable and the Government declared it as a wildlife sanctuary in August 25, 1984, as per the recommendations of the Quilon Circle Committee report. Now this comes under the Thiruvananthapuram Wildlife Division.  At the centre of the sanctuary lies an artificial lake of about 26 sq.kms. formed by the Thenmala (Parappar) Dam built across the Shenduruny and Kulathupuzha rivers. 

The Shenduruny accordingly has a rich heritage also. Recent archaeological investigations have revealed that, Shenduruny was the cradle of one of the oldest River Valley Civilizations in India - even older than Indus Valley which is believed to have flourished from 4400 to 3700 BC. Remains of the Stone Age Culture belonging to the Mesolithic period, dating back to 5210 - 4420 BC, have been excavated from a large cave at the northwestern part of the Shenduruny River. The Cave, which is large enough to hold 20 people at a time, has paintings similar to the Mesolithic paintings found in the caves of central India.


The vegetation is varied and there are four different types of vegetation have been found in Shenduruny. They are the west coast tropical evergreen forest, west coast tropical semi-evergreen forest, southern moist mixed deciduous forest and the southern hilltop tropical evergreen forest.  Of these four, the tropical evergreen forest comprises one fourth of the total area.

All  tourism activities inside and around Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary are done under the Thenmala Eco - tourism Project with the co-operation of departments such as Forest, Irrigation and Tourism. They provides exciting activities for tourists such as a Soft Trekking (Min 5 adult or equivalent. Amount Rs. 250/-), Deer Rehabilitation Center, Leisure zone, Musical dancing fountain,  Butterfly safari, Adventure zone. The Adventure Activities are (Optional, in adventure zone on separate payment inside the zone) - Rock Climbing & Rappelling, Short Range (5 Rounds), Trampoline, Trust fall (30 min 15 persons), Trust fall (30 min 15 persons), Pedal Boating in Ottakkal Reservoir (30 min 4 persons), River Crossing, Spider Net, Burma Bridge, Archery, Valley Crossing, Flying Fox and Mountain Biking There are the three eco- tourism packages offered here. This will give you glimpses of the rich flora and fauna present here.

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Name of tour





Jungle camp package-
Two days & one night minimum -1pax
12.00 pm to 11.00 am

Rs.1400/ person Rs.1250/ child (Dom),
Rs.1800/ person (Int.).

TEPS areas , Dam, Aquarium

Including attractions ,dinner ,break fast , tea & accommodation
Adventure activities extra


Kallar package
Two days & one night
minimum -4 pax
2 pm to 2 pm

Rs.1750/ person (Dom.), Rs.2750/ person (Int.)

Earth dam, Kulathuphuzha temple, Kattilapara, Shendurney trek

Including transportation , attractions ,food and accommodation


Rosemala package
Two days & one night
minimum -4 pax
2 pm to 2 pm

Rs.1750/ person (Dom.), Rs.2750/ person (Int.)

Palaruvi,Aryankavu temple, Rosemala, Shendurney trek

Including transportation , attractions ,food and accommodation

More information please contact. ++91-475-2344800. . ++91-471-2329770