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Barda Wildlife Sanctuary




Porbandar District, Gujarat

Best time to visit


October to December.



Famous for trekking

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Located 15 km from the coast of Porbandar town of Porbandar district in Gujarat, Barda wildlife sanctuary was declared as sanctuary in February 1979. Covers an area of 192.31 sq. km, the sanctuary faces the Arabian Sea. Also known as Rana Barda and Jam Barda, as once this area belonged to the ex-princely state of Ranavav or Porbandar and Jamnagar.

Eventhough, the sanctuary area is small, it does having abundant floral diversity and one can find hilly terrain, flat plains, number of rivulets, streams and two dams - Fodara dam and the Khambala dam in the area. The sanctuary straddles two rivers, the Joghri and Bileshvary. Kileshwar, a temple and camping site developed by 'Jamsaheb' of Jamnagar, is a beautiful in Barda Sanctuary.

The place is quite hilly and the height may range from 79.2m-617.8m. One can enjoy trekking through Barda Hills. For this, one must take entry permits from the forest department. It is best to go during summer season, because in summer months all the streams may dry up and gives the place a dry look. Choose the trails called Kedi used by the Maldharis tribes. This trail usually starts from the top of the Kileshwar hill from near the temple complex of Kileshwar Mahadev and down into the valley and into the forest. During this trek, one can spot different butterflies, birds, snakes etc. During the trek one can find different, butterflies, birds, hyenas, snakes, etc.

Around 4000 people is inhabited in this sanctuary including the ethnic races such as Maldharis, Bharvads, Rabaris and Gadhvis.

Some 650 plant species boasts the park that include Gorad, Babul, Dhav, Rayan, Ber, Jamun, Amli, Dhudhlo, Bamboo etc.

Leopard, Hyena, Leopard, Wild boar, Sambar, Chital, Chinkara, Wolf, Jackal, Bluebull etc are the main animals that can be found in this sanctuary. There are rare and endangered Spotted Eagle and Crested Hawk-Eagle alongwith other numerous bird species.