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Vijayadurg Fort

Place : Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra
Best Season : October to February
Significance : One of the oldest and strongest sea forts on the west coast of India.
Timing : 8 am-5 pm
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The Vijaydurg Fort is situated in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra State. Situated 48kms south of Ratnagiri, it is one of the oldest and strongest sea forts on the west coast of India.

Located at the Waghotan creek, it is 146 km southwest of Kolhapur via Talera on NH 17. The fort was also known as 'Gibraltar of Asia' as it was pretty inconquerable like the fort 'Gibraltar' in Europe.

Built by King Bhoj in 1205, it was known as 'Gheria', as it is situated close to the village of 'Girye'. The fort has been ruled by various rulers, including the Yadavas and the Vijaynagar kings. Later in 17th century, the Great Maratha Leader, Chatrapati Shivaji took over this fort and named as Vijaydurg, meaning the ‘fort of victory’. He added the three layers of walls, pacious inner buildings and numerous bastions. This is one of the two forts where Chatrapati Shivaji hoisted the saffron flag. The other fort is 'Torana'.

Subsequently, British gained control of this fort and finally it came under the control of the Dhulup family.

Surrounded by water on three sides, visitors enter the fort by passing across a moat. The main entrance is from the land side while other three sides face water directly. The way to the fort has many bends. Within, the fort are shaded by mango and banyan trees. Built with local Jhambha stone, the fort has 27 strong bastions.

One can see a small domed Hanuman shrine stands within. A gate with an arched opening lies ahead which gives access to a passageway. The fort has a secret underground tunnel (now it is closed) from the fort to the palatial home of the Dhulup in the village.

Inside the fort complex, one can see government building such as police statio, a government rest house, one store house and some cannons. The building which has government rest house has an underground chamber. Near to this, there is a big water tank built with laterite rocks. In front of this, cement platforms can be seen, which were constructed by an astronomer named Lauchiere. There is a light house in the fort. Also, one can see under water walls around the fort which can be seen by performing scuba diving. The Rameshwar temple is located inside the Vijaydurg Fort.

Also one can enjoy the beauty of Vijaydurg’s beach which is about a kilometer distance.

No entry fee; Timings : 8 am-5 pm.