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Pitalkhora Caves

Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Finest example of Classical Gupta arts.
Best Season
They contain the largest group of Stavahana monuments in Maharashtra.
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The Pitalkhora or 'Brazen Glen' is located Bharmarwadi village in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state. Nearly 40 km west of Ellora caves, it is a remarkable series of caves stands amidst a secluded gorge of spectacular natural beauty. Since the caves are located high up on the hill,, one have to climb steep steps to access these 14 Buddhist excavations, mostly monasteries. The stream is usually full of water during monsoon.

Date back from 2nd century BC to 1 Century AD, they contain the largest group of Stavahana monuments in Maharashtra. Though not so well known as the other famous caves in Aurangabad like Ajanta and Ellora, Pitalkhora is one of the earliest centres of the rock-cut architecture. The caves boasts paintings and many sculptures, animal motifs, miniature chaitya windows, wonderful Yaksa figures, the elephants, dwarapala and mithuna figures. 

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