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Pookot Lake

Place : Wayanad District, Kerala
Significance : It is a calm and beautiful lake to relax
Best Season : December - May
Timings : 9am to 5 pm
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Wayanad district, the enchanting green paradise nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats is one of the most beautiful retreats of Kerala. And Pookote Lake is one among the famous tourist spots in this area. The lake is an enchanting location for nature lovers and photographers.

Enjoying a picnic at this beautiful lake is the perfect way to break away from the hectic schedule of everyday life. It is 3 km south of the famous Vythiri Resorts. This tourist attraction is situated half way from Calicut.

Situated amidst a beautiful forest in the wooded hills and greenery, the lake offers excellent opportunities for its visitors to enjoy natural beauty. Tall trees and dense woods provide a memorable visual treat. This is an excellent camp site for peace lovers

Pookot lake is a small, clean and serene natural freshwater lake. The lake is spread over 8.5 hectares with the maximum depth of 6.5 meters. This place has a comfortable climate all throughout the year. There are groups of Blue water lilly flowers scattered here but visitors are not allowed to pluck lilly flowers while boating.

Apart from the breath taking views, the lake provides an opportunity for boating and water cycling. However, swimming is prohibited at this site. One can also enjoy a horse ride in the shores of the lake or cycle around the lake.

Other important tourist facilities available near this lake include a children’s park,a green house, a fresh water aquarium. Developed by Fisheries Department, the fresh water aquarium which displays colorful and beautiful fishes. Children will love this excellent calm and beautiful location and will enjoy the colorful display of fishes.

There is also a spices and handicrafts emporium owned by Uravu, a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO). From here one can buy variety of household items made of bamboo. Herbal medicines, tribal medicines and spices are also available. It is a must see place for shopping and craft lovers.

Natural honey that is collected by the tribal people is also available at these shops. There is a small hatchery for Mahseer fish near the Pookat Lake. Those want to gain some divine experience, there is a Sree Narayana Ashram surrounded by flowering trees and their shades. There was a gallery of painting and sculptures.

Entrance Fee : Rs.10/-

For boating, book tickets in advance to avoid long queue. Be careful in monsoon by leeches.

There are manual row boats (Rs. 250/- for 5 people for about 40 mins - comes with a row man). There're also a couple of inflatable boats that doesn't come with a row man. The boat journey is available till 5:00 pm and they wind up the ticket counter by 4:30pm. Tip: Wear your life jacket while boating.