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Buddha Jayanti Smarak Park

Every year in May on Vesak Full moon day, the Buddha Jayanti festival is celebrated here.
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The Buddha Jayanti Smarak Park is situated in southern part of the Delhi ridge which lies close to Dhaula Kuan in New Delhi.

Buddha Jayanti Smarak Park was created on the 2,500th Anniversary of Lord Gautam Buddha when he attained 'Moksha' and 'Nirvana' or 'Self Realisation'. Also known as the 'Mahavir Jayanti Park, every year in May on Vesak Full moon day, the Buddha Jayanti festival is celebrated here.

The park is a great place for early morning walkers, joggers etc. Public discourses on the teachings of Buddha are frequently held in the park and they are very popular with the Delhites and foreign tourists.

Very popular among picnickers, joggers and fitness enthusiasts, during weekends, Families along with Friends are seen here. One can also find plenty of young married and unmarried couples sitting quitly undershade bearing trees.

The park holds special significance in the Indian religious tradition as it contains the sapling of the original Bodhi Tree, under which Gautama Buddha attained Nirvana. It was Sanghamitra, Emperor Asoka’s daughter, took a sapling from the ancient original Bodh Tree to Anuradhapuram, Sri Lanka where she used to preach Buddhism under this very tree which exists even today. A sapling of the Bodhi Tree in Sri Lanka was planted at Buddha Jayanti Park by the then Prime Minister of India Shri.Lal Bahadur Shastri on 25 October 1964.

Spreads over a massive area of lush green land, Buddha Jayanti Park, has full of thick shaded large size trees, flower beds, shrubs and well trimmed lawns. Covering a large expanse of slopping undulating terrain and paved pathways creates a natural effect to the environment. The artificial water ponds as well add a tranquil charm to the ambience of this Park.

A beautifully gilded statue of Buddha in a sitting posture covered in Gold Coloured paint under a pavilion in an artificial island in the park. It was dedicated by the 14th Dalai Lama in October 1993.

There are numerous play facilities for the children. Note : Avoid walking at night or odd hours, because the park is situated in the dense forest area.

Time: The Park remains opened to all public between 0500 hours and 1900 hours on all days. Entry Fee: Free