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Place : Palakkad, Kerala
Significance : Famous for the Sculpture 'Malampuzha Yakhi'
Best Season : January to March
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Situated on the lower hills of the Western ghats, at a distance of about 10kms from the town Palakkad, is Malampuzha, the abode of the famous Yakshi statue. One of the famous picnic spot in Kerala, it comprises a dam & reservoir with boating facilities, malampuzha gardens with aerial rope way, children's park etc. The aquarium and snake park are the other added attractions. The dams and gardens are illuminated on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays from 19.00 - 20.00 hrs.

Covered by greenery all around, it attracts a large number of tourists, both domestic and foreign annually. Also a favourite destination for filmmakers, the dam has been the location for many old malayalam movies, mostly pairing Prem Nazir and Sheela. The vegetation at Malampuzha thrives on the presence of the Malampuzha River, a tributary of Bharathapuzha (Kerala's longest river).

Malampuzha dam & Reservoir

The Malampuzha dam is the largest irrigation dam in Kerala with a large network of canal systems. It is this reservoir which provides water mainly to Palakkad and surrounding villages. Its storage capacity is 226 cubic metres. 

The reservoir created by the dam offers boating facilities for the tourists. One can hire rowboats, pedal-boats, water scooters and motor-boats. Timing : 10 am to 6 pm. Fee : Rs.40/-

The Malampuzha Garden (Timings 10 am to 6 pm)

Aalso known as the Vrindavan of Kerala, the garden is located on the banks of the reservoir. Built in the mughal style of gardening it is abundant with green lawns, striking flower beds, dazzling pools, and tranquil fountains. There is also an artificial canal in the garden which offers pedal-boat rides. There are rest spots some are covered scattered throughout the garden. The Road Train takes one through the Malampuzha Garden and its vicinity.

One can see hundred varieties of roses in the rose garden itself. Within the Malampuzha Garden is a large sculpture named Yakshi, created by the Kerala's famous contemporary sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman. The 'Yakshi' sits with her head flung back, hands about to tear her hair. The Yakshi, attracts a large number of tourists. There is a swimming pool near the garden (Closed on Tuesdays) and a freshwater aquarium (Timings : 11 am to 8 pm).

The Malampuzha Rock Garden

The Malampuzha Rock Garden (Ph: 2815140), a state of the art wonder, built during 1993-95 is a must see for all tourists. The second in the country after the famous Rock Garden in Chandigarh, it was designed by the legendary Nek Chand Saini, the man behind the rock garden in Chandigarh. Though not built under the direct supervision of Indian sculptor and environmental builder, Nek Chand, it has many features similar to the artist's original rock garden in Chandigarh. The garden is made of unwanted and broken pieces of bangles, tiles, used plastic cans, tins and other waste materials. Recently, this was renovated and expanded jointly by the Nek Chand Foundation and the Kerala Tourism Department. 

This 1.5 acre garden has many cement statues, tributes to local art and culture, including figures of kathakali dancers, mridangams and veenas. To protect the garden, security lights and boundary walls have been installed. Also installed metal grills from visitor's touching. 
Timings:  10 am to 6 pm

Fantasy Park

Just 1.5 km away from Malampuzha dam, near the Malampuzha Gardens is Fantasy Park, the first amusement park of Kerala. Built in an 8 acre site, it is managed by Neotech Amusements and Resorts Ltd. The park has a fabulous landscape gardens, fountains and about 20 fun-filled thrilling rides. Fantasy park provides a special section with games and rides specially designed for kids. Baby Train, Water Kiddy Ride, Zip Zap Zoop, Swing slam bob, Dragon Coaster, Mini Tele Compact, Battery Car are some of them. Besides these enthralling rides, within the park there is a hygienic restaurant and ice cream parlour. 


Neo Tech Amusements & Resorts Pvt Ltd. 
8/585, Malampuzha, Palakkad, Kerala-678 651
Ph: 0491-2815122/23/24.
Fax: 0491-2815124
Entry fee : Adults Rs 300/-, Child below 4 feet height Rs. 250/- 
Timings 10 am to 7 pm. 

Hanging Bridge

It is a beautiful hanging bridge made up of rope, across the Malampuzha river. A walk through this bridge is crazy.

The Telescopic Tower

The telescopic towr in the garden provides a terrestrial view up to a radius of 40 miles.
Timing : 10.00 - 17.00 hrs


The passenger ropeway, is the first and the only one in South India. It has 64 two-seater chairs. Through its transparent hoods, one can enjoy (from a height of 60 ft) the Malampuzha Gardens and the entire reserviour site down below. The visitng hours are from 10 am to 12.30 pm and 2 to 6.30 pm. The ropeway is run by Usha Breco Ltd

Ropeway fee : Adults Rs 40/-. Children upto 110 cm height no fee, Family Ticket : Rs 110/- (2pm - 5pm). . For further details contact Usha Breco Ltd at 0491-2815129.

Thread Garden

Designed by Antony Joseph, it has a rich collection of life-like replicas of plants and animals, all made of embroidery colour threads and without using needles or any special devices. It is situated adjacent to the Fantasy Park.

Snake Park

It was set up in 1984 by the state government. One can see a variety of vipers like rock pit viper, saw-scaled viper, hump-nosed pit viper, Russell viper and several kinds of cobras are also there like common cobra, king cobra, spectacled cobra and monocled cobras. Also one can see rare species of snakes like the Forsten’s cat snake, the brown vine snake etc. Some of the most sought after species include Krait, India rock python, wolf snake, trinket snake and water snakes. The park also breeds species of crocodiles and the American green iguana.