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Madhuban Retreat Mount Abu

Place : Mount Abu, Rajasthan
Significance : The headquarters of Brahma Kumaris
Timings : 4 am to 10 pm
Best Time to Visit : Throughout the year
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Posted by raj kamal meena>>


i like madhuwan because it is home of the shivbaba.

Posted at 5:08:44 PM Jun 14th (Thu) 2012
Posted by bkalert>>

You need to know that

Brahma Kumarism: a strictly millenarianist (End of the World) new religion based on mediumistic teachings from a spirit entity adherents believe is the god of all religions. “God” speaks to humanity exclusively through their spirit mediums only. Beliefs: that 6,000,000,000 plus human beings must die during an imminent and desirable ‘End of the World’ called “Destruction”, in order that 900,000 faithful Brahma Kumari followers will inherit a heaven on earth before 2036. Followers are led to believe that a heavenly royal status can be achieved by donating money, free labor and unquestioning mental submission to the Brahma Kumari leadership, who will rule the world as Emperors. The world is to be “purified” by a nuclear holocaust, which they will “give courage” to inspire. All other continents except for India, which the BKWSU predict it will rule after the Government of India hands over power to them, will sink below the oceans. Controversies: from 1932 until after 1950, followers venerated their millionaire financier Lekhraj Kripalani as the god “Brahma” before, again borrowing from Hinduism, introducing a new god called “Shiva”. Such historical revisionism, as well as a number of failed predictions of “Destruction” going back to WWII, 1950, 1976, mid-1980s and so on, have been covered up from new followers and re-written. The leadership continues to financially benefit from their submission. The BKs’ “God Shiva” says he comes to “destroy all other religions”. Brahma Kumarism is the one, true religion. All other religions, called “the path of ignorance”, are partial and imperfect memorials of Brahma Kumarism. BKWSU leaders claim to be, and encourage their followers to believe they are becoming, the deities worshipped by Hinduism today and the angels venerated by Christianity. Time, the Brahma Kumaris claim, is limited to one, endlessly repeating, 5,000 year long cycle. Called, “The Cycle”, it repeats identically every 5,000 years, dinosaurs existing 2,500 years ago. Likewise, in another 2,500 years time, their leaders teach that Abraham, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed will all be reborn, in order to start their religions once again. Brahma Kumari beliefs include; » belief in the imminent destruction of this world by an unavoidable Nuclear Holocaust [now overdue by 30 to 50 years] » belief in themselves as the only true messengers of God » belief that God only speaks to them and them alone in person at their Indian headquarters via a mediumistic channeller » hypnagogic, trance-like practises and repetitive auto-suggestion » fixation on attracting VIPs to enhance their credibility and act as "microphones" for their message » exaggerated distinction between "pure" [their teachings and activities] and "impure" [the rest of the World's opinions and leaders] » exaggerated sense of self-importance [they being topknot "Brahmins"], the rest of the World [Untouchables or "Shudras"] » belief in an unrealistic view of science, e.g. all of time existing within one endlessly repeating 5,000 year timeframe » a slow and gradual re-writing of their core beliefs as they fail » unquestionable and unaccountable non-democratic leadership » amassing of considerable wealth from followers under such pressures » complete separation from non-BKs by complete control of diet, demanding lifestyle, celibacy » graphic exaggeration of the plight of those that leave the group ; "grinding of teeth like the sound of mustard seeds ... crying tears of blood at Destruction", sexual activity being like "throwing one's self from a 5th storey high building", having to face a severe God at Judgement Day » secrecy, revision and disguise of the nature and process of teachings » intense and long lasting social and psychological problems within individuals leaving the organisation. The Brahma Kumaris encourage followers; » not to eat food cooked by impure non-followers such as physical relatives » to practice detachment from parents and children » to separate from non-Brahma Kumari partners and family so as not to make any more "karmic accounts" with them that would be obstacles to their path.

Posted at 11:55:58 PM Oct 25th (Mon) 2010