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Mysore Palace


Mysore, Karnataka


Illuminated palace (Sundays, National holidays and on festivals from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.)

Best Season

September to October during Dusshera

: Open 6:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. & 3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m
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Posted by R.vinod>>


mysore maharaja palace is wonderfull and amazing

Posted at 2:54:52 PM Mar 25th (Thu) 2010
Posted by JOHN>>

Hotel Purple inn

Hi, I had booked this hotel through phone by seeing like these reviews. While booking Manager Dougles told that they have PUB & Restaurant and morning they will be providing buffet breakfast & close to city. From Bangalore we reached Mysore to find hotel took nearly 45 minutes, because hotel is located outskirts 10 kms from Mysore. Once reached hotel there no reception table, in that reception room boy is sat and he is doing check in process. You can think about standard, even ordinary lodge will have receptionist will be there. In room nothing big as you can compare with ordinary hotel. We lost interest in staying there.Rs.1600 is not worth for that hotel. Then night they given buffet coupon, in that mentioned dli.Dosa, Rava, chappathi, this we have to select one and coffee is common.(This is buffet breakfast) Night from PUB lot of loud music, we couldn’t sleep only..Our holiday mood totally gone. The next morning we had asked manager. There is no proper answer for any of the complaints. Then we decided to check out hotel but Manager ask us to vacate the hotel before 10am.Then we argued, yesterday we checked in around 5.00pm…In a hotel only two system either 24 hours check out or 12noon check out. He was telling like u have booked two days, now u are leaving & have to check out before 10 am…seems to be there is no rules for this hotel (sorry lodge).. Finally we left from that hotel around 11 am. After lot of struggle… This hotel is not worth for money…They will talk nicely over phone & take bookings...They don’t what is hospitability.

Posted at 9:50:18 AM Dec 28th (Mon) 2009
Posted by Ann>>

Trip To Mysore Palace

The Mysore Palace is one of the main tourist attractions of Mysore Town. It was noon when v reached the Mysore Palace. The ticket counter is at the south gate. Admission fee is 20 rupees, and you'll have to leave your camera (5 rupees) and shoes (50 paise per pair) outside. It is required to remove shoes before entering the palace and also no photography is allowed in the palace. Before we enter in the palace we can find two Hindu Temples. About the interior of the palace is beyond description. It is absolutely wonderful. The palace is full of beautiful stained- glass windows, glazed tile and amazing art. After entering the palace, the first main room you come to, is the marriage hall, this is the hall I like the ‘MOST’, with huge glass chandeliers hanged, pavilion with a stained glass ceiling, iron pillars. It’s all fantastically elaborate; a mixture of styles with peacocks everywhere, from a tiled mosaic on the floor to glass designs on the ceiling. When we walk through the palace, we’ll feel that we are there in ancient time. There are camel rides and elephant rides for hire on the palace grounds. As fascinating as the palace is, after 1 hr, I was almost glad to get back out.

Posted at 4:56:37 PM May 6th (Tue) 2008