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Marble Palace Kolkata

Place : Kolkata, West Bengal
Significance : It is a perfect example of 19th century colonial architecture of Calcutta.
Best Season : October to March.
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Marble Palace is a palatial mansion located at 46, Muktaram Babu Street (Chorbagan) of North Kolkata. One of the best-preserved, it is a perfect example of 19th century colonial architecture of Calcutta. It's designs and beauty will mesmerize everyone at the first glimpse. Many Tollywood films have been shot here also.

It was built by Raja Rajendranath Mullick in the year 1835, one of the Bengal’s richest landlord. Rajendranath was the adopted son of Babu Nilmoni Mullick, who built Jagannath temple in the adjoining garden. The temple is only accessible to members of the family. Situated very near to Rabindra Natha Tagore’s residence, Mullick family still reside in a part of this mansion and the rest has been converted into a museum. It's name ' Marble Palace' was given by Lord Minto, after a visit because its floor, staircases and walls was built using 126 varieties of marbles from various places of India. 

Apart from Indian architects there were many European architects who were involved in designing this ivory masterpiece. The architecture is a mixture of neoclassical, gothic, and traditional Bengali. It has a traditional Bengali style interior courtyard at the centre, surrounded by four wings of rooms in two floors. The mansion is situated amidst an artistically garden. The lush green lawns and marble statues of Hindu Gods, The Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Christopher Columbus, Lord Buddha and some lions enhance the beauty of this magnificent garden.

The Marble Palace is a three-storey building with impressive tall Corinthian pillar. Decorated with openwork balconies and pitched roofs, built in the style of a Chinese pavilion, it has a sequence of large halls. It's interiors are decorated with Western sculpture and Victorian furniture and antique urns. It is said that these were collected from 90 countries around the world.

The mansion is hung with imposing beautiful paintings by European and Indian artists among which two are by Reubens (The Marriage of St. Catherine and The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian). Apart from these decorative objects include, 82 varieties of exquisitely decorated antique clocks, large chandeliers, wooden statue of Queen Victoria (carved out of a single tree stump).

There’s a Marble Palace Zoo, near to this mansion which boasts birds and non-carnivorous animals includes peacocks, toucans, storks, cranes etc.

Time to visit: 10 am to 4 pm. (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). Admission Fee: Nil (Prior permission is required from West Bengal Tourism Department). 
Photography strictly prohibited.