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Place : Salem District, Tamil Nadu
Altitude : 1,500 metres (4,920 feet) above sea level.
Temperature : Minimum 13o C in winter and Maximum 30 C in summer 
Significance : Poor Man's Ooty
Best Season : April to June,  Mar - May
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Ladies seat
One of the most crowded and visited spots in Yercaud, Ladies seat located 2 kms south west of Yercaud town offers a panoramic view of the ghats. It is best at night with the twinkling lights of Salem town in sight. A telescope is installed at this point for tourists to have a closer look at the plains below and the winding roads in between. The facility is available only during the day. On a clear day, you could also see the Mettur Dam on the Kaveri river. Great shots of the river can be had in the evening around 3:00 clock when the sun rays are reflected in its waters.

Children's seat
This point lies to the right of the Lady's seat. It is the best of the all the 3 adjacent points. Access is  climb a bit through the Rose Garden .

The Big Lake
The main attraction of Yercaud is the big lake or Emerald lake which has a flower garden on one bank and thickly wooded trees on the other sides. A summer festival is organised in the month of May during which the blossoming is at it's best and it attracts a lot of tourists. In the centre of this natural lake there is an island that is connected by an over bridge to the mainland. There is also a floating fountain in the center. Paddle boating facilities are available in the lake. The lake is deep and care should be taken to avoid fatality.  

The lake is surrounded by a Deer Park, a leisure park and a number of hotels in the vicinity. The Deer park has a few population of deer and peacocks and is a suitable playground for kids. It will be closed by 5.00 p.m.  

Anna Park
Anna Park is situated next to the Big Lake. Area adjoining the Park is thickly wooded with natural species of trees. There is another park named 'The Japanese Park' inside Anna Park which one should not miss. It is a delightful place for the kids.

Pagoda Point (Pyramid point)
Pakoda Point is one of the most important places in yercaud.  It lies on the eastern side of Yercaud hills. The name was derived from the many stone built pagodas made by the tribals. This place also has a huge Rama temple. The best time to visit is during the night or early morning when you get a view of  Salem and the little village of Kakambadi. There are fabulous cliffs on the opposite side. Sometimes called Gent's seat it has a better view than the Ladies Seat but is very risky to reach and is a Government protected area.

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