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Place : Dang District, Gujarat
Altitude : 873 m above sea level
Significance : The only hill station in Gujarat
Best Season : From middle of March to middle of November
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Literally means the ‘abode of serpents’, Saputara is a densely wooded hill resort situated in the Dang district, at a distance of 164 kms from Surat city. It is the only hill station in Gujarat state. Saputara is  a well maintained hill station having all the necessary needs and entertainment activities  like hotels, parks, club, ropeways, theaters, horse riding, Camel riding, museum and breath taking views etc which offers a lot to its visitors.

Standing at an altitude of 875 m on a plateau in the Dang forest area of the Sahyadri range, Saputara is a popular base for excursions to Mahal Bardipara Forest Wildlife Sanctuary and Gira Waterfalls.  

The name is derived from the snake deity of the 'Dangs' tribals. On the banks of the river Sarpganga there is an image of a serpent that is worshipped by adivasis or tribal, on Holi and Vash Darash festival. Not like any other colonial style hill stations, the Saputara has no colonial building or view points named after erstwhile British rulers. 

A pleasant climate throughout the year, this picturesque hill station provides a panoramic view of the lush green surroundings of the Sahyadri ranges. Though Saputara could be visit at any time of a year the best time is from middle of March to middle of November. Having a cool weather round the year, with out much variations the temperature during summers rise up to 28 degree C and makes this place ideal to spend summers. The monsoon rain increases the beauty of this hill station.

There are various places which are worth-watching ; some of them are Artists Village, Echo Point, Forest Nursery, Forest Log huts, Hatgadh Fort, Honey Bees Centre, Lake View Garden, Museum, Nageshwar Temple, Purna Sanctuary etc.

Pushpak Ropeway

It is the interesting and an adventorous ride which gives a grand valley view. Nearly 1 km long, it usually busy in the evenings.

Sunset Point

Located a walkable distance from Saputara town, the Sunset Point also known as Gandhi Shikar provides a breath taking view of the surrounding villages and the bird's eye view of Dang Forest. One can reach sunset point by using the ropeway or trekking the hills.

Sunrise Point

It also offers the enchanting view of Saputara and adjoining Malegoan. This point can be reached after a walk of 1.5 km in the direction of Waghai. This place could be visit at any time although the name makes to believe that the place should only be visited at sunrise. Now, this point is also known as Valley View Point because The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has recommended renaming this point as Valley View Point to attract more visitors.

Gandharvapur Artist Village and centre for honey

The artist's village is formed by tribal communities like Bhils, the Gamits, the Kunbis, the Warlis. It is situated on the Saputara - Nashik main road. It is a nice place to place to interact with the local crafts persons and pick up bamboo-made artifacts. There are bamboo handicrafts like jewelry, key chains, paintings, pen stands, pottery, vases, and visitors can purchase these items on roadside stalls. They conducts workshop where one can learn how to make one's own traditional Dang items. The tribal-themed museum here showcases the life and arts of the tribals that resides in the Dangs. The museum boasts stuffed birds, ornaments, jewellery, musical instruments etc. Entry Fee : Indians Rs : 2/-, Students : Rs : 1/-, Foreigners Rs : 50/-

Honey Bees Centre

From here one can get information about bees and making of honey. One can get honey from here. Both Artists village and the center for honey remain closed in the off -season. 

Vansda National park

Set up in 1976 this park covers an area of 24sq.km. It was the private forest of maharaja of Vansada. Even though the park is small, it is extremely dense and has a wide variety of flora and fauna. The types of forest found in the park are mainly Moist deciduous and Dry deciduous covered with bamboos, tall teak trees, mango groves and gigantic creepers. In all there are over 250 species of plants, including many variety of Orchids. Prior permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden, of Gandhinagar or DFO, Ahwa, is required before visiting the park. Read more...

Purna Sanctuary

Crossed by Purna and Gira rivers, this sanctuary covers an area of 160 km². It is situated 60 km north of Dangs. The sanctuary boasts a wide variety of fauna like wild bulls, elephants, sloth bear ,  rhinoceros etc. Best time to visit is from November to March. Prior permission is necessary for visiting.

Saputura Lake 

It is another major attraction in Saputura, extended in the valley surrounded by hills. Varieties of fun-game and other entertainment facilities are available for children . One can enjoy boating in this 21 m deep lake. Boats can hire from boat club. Different types like sailboats, paddleboats and rowing boats are available from here. Time : 08.30 - 18.30. A pedal boat cost Rs: 20/-, Row boat cost Rs: 5/-.  

Lake View Garden

The Lake garden is situated at the banks of Saputara lake, just below the Hotel Anando. It is a very beautiful well- maintained garden. Situated in a lush green environment, this park boast a children's playground . An ideal place for relaxation on a holiday. There are several other gardens at Saputara like Lake Garden, the Step Garden and the Rose Garden.

Echo Point

Echo Point, as the name highlights, it is the place where the natural phenomenon of echo takes place. The place offers a breathtaking view of the valley.  The Echo point offers a exquisite picturesque surroundings with many waterfalls, enhancing the breath taking beauty of the location. Tourists pour in here to make an unforgettable experience of wild natural beauty. The atmosphere is calm and cool.

Forest Nursery

Run by the forest department, this nursery offers many varieties of plants and trees. A large varieties of Hibiscus flowers, flowered plants, creepers etc are showcased here. One can purchase plants from here. This is also set up in a beautiful surroundings.

Forest Log huts

Situated close to Saputara and in Gujarat-Maharashtra border, it's construction is really amazing. Prior permission is necessary to spend here.

The other famous attraction in Saputara is Nageshwar Mahadev Temple. Having the idol of Lord Shiva, the Nageshwar Mahadev Temple is visited by a number of devotees.  

The nearby attraction from Saputara are Gira Waterfalls - that becomes most beautiful during the months of June to November is only 52 km away from Saputara and the wild life sanctuary in the Mahal Bardipura forest is at a distance of 60 km. Blessed with beautiful rivers and bamboo glades is an ideal place for trekking and walking.