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Place : North Cachar Hills, Assam
Altitude : 680 metres above sea level
Temperature : Winter - 10oC to 15oC
Summer - 15oC - 28oC
Significance : The land of blue hills
Best Season : October to April.
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Haflong, the only hill station of Assam is situated at an altitude of 680 m from the sea level. Also known as White Ant Hillock (In Dimsa( the main language in Assam) Haflong means White Ant Hillock), it is the district Head Quarter of North Cachar Hills, one of the 23 districts of Assam. Haflong is about 345 km from Guwahati, the capital of Assam. The natural beauty make Haflong a place worth more than a visit. It also has a colonial history like most of the other hill stations in India and one can still find the remains of British rule in the architecture of some of the buildings. 

Apart from its scenic beauty, the hills of Haflong is also known for its more than 2 lakh different flowers include the orchids such as Blue Vanda, rare species of birds, Pineapple, Pera, Peaches, and Oranges. There is a Orchid Garden in Haflong which is a worth visit. Haflong is often referred to as the land of blue hills. This calm and tiny hill station with blue hills, rivers and waterfalls is sitll untouched by tourism. Inhabitants of Haflong generally include the Dimasa, the Jema Nagas, Hmars, the Hrankhols, Biates, Vaipheis, Karbis, Jaintia, Khelmas and Thadou Kukies tribes. Pineapple and oranges are grown here in abundance. Haflong has a lovely lakeside resort developed in the lavish green hills around the town. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy trekking on the Borail range, hang-gliding and paragliding. Watching the traditional dances of the Tribals is the other tourist attractions in Haflong.

Attractions in Haflong

Haflong Lake

Situated in the heart of the hill station, Haflong Lake, is a large and beautiful lake. Also known as the 'Scotland of Assam' , the lake is one of the largest natural water bodies in Assam. The lake is also a good spot for various leisure activities and boating. The Jatinga Village, famous for hundreds of migratory birds in the winter is just 9 km away from this lake.


A place of mesmerizing natural beauty, Jatinga is 20 km south of Haflong on the Silchar road. Jatinga means 'world famous' Covered with Blue Vandas Orchids, Jatinga is famous because it is a mysterious place where lots of migratory birds are said to commit suicide between August and November. One can view the suicides from an obervatory tower here. The view of sunrise from the Hempeopet peak (the second highest peak of the Borail range) is really a breathtaking view.


Maibong, the administrative headquarters of North Cachar Hills District is 72 kms from Haflong. Situated about 45 km from Haflong, Maibong was the capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom who ruled the region from mid-sixteenth to mid-eighteenth century AD. The remains of this old capital still exist on the east bank of the Mahur River and to the south of Maibong. Besides the ruins, Maibong boast a 12th century monolithic Ramchandi Temple of Kachari kings. The Mahur River flows by Maibong, offering many spots for a leisurely picnic.