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Velliangiri Hill

Place : Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu
Altitude : 600 feet above sea level.
Temperature : Max 40°C, Min 27°C (summer)
Max 29°C, Min 20°C (winter)
Significance : A popular pilgrim destination as well as a hillstation.
Best Season : November to March
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The Velliangiri Hill is situated some 40 kilometers away from Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu. Located at an altitude of 6000 ft, this little - known hill station is not only noted for it's scenic beauty but also popular as a spiritual destination. Also known as the Kailash of the south, people visits here to worship Lord Shiva. 

Located on the way to Siruvani, Velliangiri Hill is one among the five hills symbolically representing the five different faces of Lord Shiva, the Panchalinga, the five faces of Lord Shiva — Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheshwara and Sadasiva.. Here devotees can have the darshan of Panchalinga. According to the legends, it was here Lord Shiva performed his famous cosmic dance. When Brahma and sage Kalava were worshipping Lord Patteeswarar (Lord Shiva), the Lord gave them an opportunity to see his cosmic dance at the Kanakasabhai in Perur temple.

But, Siva's consort Umadevi (Parvati) argued that she had the primacy to witness the Lord's dance so, Lord Shiva performed his dance on the request of his consort. Since then, the place is also known as Rajathagiri, Velliangiri, Dakshin Kailash or Bhoolok Kailash. It is also believed that Arjuna penanced here and obtained Pasupatastra.

The hill station is also well bordered by hills such as Tirumalgiri, Ayyanmalai and the Dharmalingesa. During May, the pilgrims trek to the top of the hill from Maha Shivaratri to Agninakshatram period (it is a period when the Sun passes through the star Krittika also known as Agni Nakshatra). One have to trek 7 hills to reach the temple. This area is also famous for its natural resources and herbs grows here in abundance. 

Besides, the Shiva Temple of Velliangiri in the mountain ranges of Kongunadu, the presence of the ashram of Sadaguru Jaggi Vasudev is another reason why people throng to the Velliangiri Hills. Here visitors can participate various short term and long term yoga and meditation courses.

Also known as Isha Yoga Centre / Foundation, it is situated at the foothills of Velliangiri Mountains. The Ashram offers a spiritual seed of enlightenment through yoga. Isha Foundation also conducts ‘Inner Engineering’ that applies powerful ancient yogic methods to create harmony in the body, mind and emotions. The ashram houses the Isha Foundation which manages a unique Dhyanalingam meditation shrine and multi-religious temple, over 25 Yoga centers, an Ashram and hospital. The Ashram is not associated with any religion and does not ascribe to any particular belief or faith. Measuring 13' 9", Dhyanalinga is the largest mercury based live linga in the world which is consecrated by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a realized master, mystic and yogi. It is housed in an elliptical dome measuring 33 ft from the ground level and has a diameter of 76 ft at the bottom. The ashram is the only structure of its kind built using brick and mud mortar stabilized with lime, sand, alum and herbal additives. It is open to all from 6 am to 8 pm on all days.

Contact Address:
Isha Yoga Centre / Foundation
Semmedu (P.O), Coimbatore 641 114
Phone: 0422-2615345