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Place : Nandubar District, Maharashtra
Altitude : 3,750 ft  above sea level
Temperature : Summers 22°- 35°C; Winters 12°-30°C
Significance : 2nd coolest hill station in Maharashtra
Best Season : October - March
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Toranmal is a quiet, charm and not so commercialized hill station in Maharashtra. Located in the municipal council of the Nandubar district, it is 305 km from Nashik and around 200 km from Surat.  

Nestling in the Barwani Hills of the Satpura Range, at a height of 3,750 ft, Toranmal is the second coolest hill station in Maharashtra. Blessed with natural beauties, Toranmal is a small plateau with soccer like shape. It's name is derived from the Marathi word 'Toran' means a welcome arch and 'mal' means garland. The reason behind this name can be the formation of the natural arches of trees appearing like garlands strung together when viewed from the heights of Satpura ranges. 

It is also believed to be the name of an ancient ‘tor’ tree, which blossomed so prolifically that locals began worshipping 'Torna Devi' who became the presiding deity of this hill station.  

Tourist attractions in Toranmal

The hill station has temples, lakes and waterfalls. One can see ruins of broken sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses believed to be centuries old.

Gorakhnath Temple

Toranmal is attracted by Hindu devotees to the Gorakhnath Temple especially on Maha Shivaratri where a fair is held. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, a grand procession is carried out to Gorakhnath temple on this day. The Nagarjun temple is yet another temple which devotees are attached to.

Yashwant Lake

Spreads over 1.59 square km, it has a depth of 27 m. Located at the southern part of the plateau, it is a naturally formed lake, known for their scenic beauty. This lake is named after Yashwantrao Chavan, Maharashtra’s former chief minister, who traveled on a horse back to this hill station. Surrounded with rich flora and fauna, one can enjoy boating and fishing at Yashwant Lake. An hour-long ride on a pedal-boat costs Rs 100. The lake overlooks a quaint blue Protestant church, a little over a century old, that adds more beauty to this lake.

Machhindranath Cave

Machhindranath Gumpha or Cave is a natural formation that emerged from the mountain. Legend has it that Sage Machindranath used to meditate here and one have to crawl here to reach the spot where the sage  meditated.

Khadki point

A photographer's delight, Khadki point offers a panoramic view of the surrounding valley, Sunset Point and Lotus Lake. It is also a good trekking area.

Torna Devi Temple

Situated on a hilltop, this temple is only eight years old. But the temple has a black stone idol of Torna Devi, which placed outside the temple, which is believed to be of more than 600 years old.

Sita Khai

Situated just One and a half km away from Toranmal is a valley called Sita Khai where a magnificent gorge can see. A waterfall flows from here and it is beautiful during the monsoon. Sita Khai also has an echo point.

Lotus Lake

Spread over an area of 41 sq km, the Lotus Lake is situated further down the northern part of the plateau in the same stream from Yashwant Lake. Locally known Kamal Talao, it is a natural lake derives its name from the fact that it is always covered with lotus flowers.