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Place : Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh
Altitude : 606 feet above sea level.
Temperature : 3.0°C and 17°C
Significance : It houses the famous lake Parashuram Kund
Best Season : August to February
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Tezu is an administrative headquarters of Lohit District in Arunachal Pradesh. Situated just 25 kms away from the famous Parasuram Kund Lake, it is a perfect hill station to chill out with family and friends. It is located at an elevation of 185 metres (606 feet) above the sea level.

Famous for its scenic beauty, adventure enthusiasts can enjoy trekking, hiking and river rafting in Tezu also. There are also facilities for trekking from Tezu to glow lake which takes one day, hiking and river rafting and angling on the river Lohit.

The hill station is home to indigenous tribes like Mishmi, Khamti, Digaru and Miju. Among the famous is, Mishmi Tribes, which have traditions and customs dating back to the Mahabharata times. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna's first queen Rukmini was a Mishmi Damsel. Mishmi tribes still have a King and Queen residing in Tezu.

The main attractions of Tezu are the Parashuram Kund, Buddha-Vihar, Glow Lake and District Museum/Craft Centers. Parsuram Kund, the main attraction is situated on the bank of Lohit river, one of the main tributaries of Brahmaputra River. Located within the Kamlang Reserve Forest area, Each year, hundreds and thousands of devotees visits in Makar Sankranti on January 14. Dvotees take a holy bath in this lake to wash away their sins on this special and auspicious day. The legend behind the belief recorded in the Kalika Purna, is that Parashuram the Hindu mythological character washed away the sin of killing his mother in Lohit river at Bramhakund. A great fair is held to which wild cows, rare fur-rugs and other curios are brought down by the mountain tribes. The approach to this place is quite challenging, involving a steep climb to and fro.

The other major attraction in Tezu is Dong a small pristine valley where the Sun rises first on India. It is situated at 1,240 mts above sea level, it is located at the confluence of the rivers Lohit and Sati, strategically placed on the tri-junction of India, China and Myanmar. Offers a breathtaking view, it can be reached an eight hour trek (one and half hour) from the military base of Walong.

The war Memorial at Walong pays homage to Indian soldiers killed here during the Indo-China war of 1962. Hawa Camp is on the way to Tezu where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the magnificent Lohit valley and sunrise and sun set view from this point.

Glow Lake another tourist attraction in Tezu, is located in Wakro Circle. Covering an area of 8 sq km, a wide range of Himalayan Flora and fauna are found in and around of this lake.An ideal place for the adventure enthusiast, the route from Chongkham-Wakro road to this lake is up and down hills.

Centrally situated at Tezu, the District Museum/Craft Centers houses books, crafts and handloom articles of different communities of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. The Buddha Vihar (locally known as Chong) at Namsai is big and attractive. The world Peace Pagoda located in a river island at Chongkham is deal for meditation in front of Buddha statues that surrounds in inner core of the vihar.

An important note that tourists have to obtain Inner Line Permits to visit Arunachal Pradesh even if an Indian citizen. One can get it from either from the Arunachal Tourism office at Guwahati or, Tourist Information Center, Arunachal Bhavan at Delhi.