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Surguja district of Chhattisgarh
1099 m above sea level
Summers: 26 ° C to 43° C ; Winters: 15° C to 25° C .
It offers breathtaking views of nature, streams, tranquil rivers and dense forests
Best Season
March to October.
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Manipat, an unexplored getaway also known as the Shimla of Chhattisgarh State is located at a height of 1099 m from the sea level. It is in the Surguja district in the northern part of the state.

Spread over an area of 368, it is a plateau that offers breathtaking views of nature, streams, tranquil rivers and dense forests. Out of this area 226 is a dense forest cover with rich flora and fauna. Also, medicinal plants that are used to make in Ayurvedic Medicine, rare plants and vivid varieities of avifaun enliven this beautiful plateau.

Manipat consists of 24 villages. There are a number of leisure and adventure activities awaiting tourists at Manipat in its green slopes, beautiful valleys, unexplored waterfalls and beautiful spot, virgin forests etc.

Historically, Manipat was home to the Yadavs and tribes such as Manjhi, Manjhwar, Kanwar and Pahadi Korwa. Manipat is also home to a migrant Tibetan settlement after the India - China war in 1962-63. And, today, the Tibetan population here is approximately 1800. The Tibetan settlement in the village is a reflection of rich Buddhist flavour and vibrant culutre can be seen here. That is why, it is also known as Mini Tibet.

Places to see in Manipat

Dhakpo Monastery

It is a quaint monastery and the only temple dedicated to Lord Buddha in Chhattisgarh. The most interesting thing, is that many Tibetan marriages have been held here in great harmony. One an interact with the lamas here who are very friendly.

Tiger Point Waterfall

It is situate at the center of the Mahadev Muda River. Surrounded by dense forests, it is a beautiful waterfall that falls from a height of 60m. One can see its beauty from the road level itself. It is said that tigers were sighted in the area many years agoso, it came to be known as the Tiger Point. There are steps to take down to the bottom of the falls. Be careful, since the pathway is not well-paved and is slippery. The Government has constructed railings so that visitors can experience the breathtaking views and scenery. A fire watch tower is constructed here for viewing the surroundings at this place. The placement and use of this tower for fire safety, forest safety and tourism purposes. A check dam nearby adds to its beauty.

Machali (Fish) Point

Enveloped in the deep mountain ranges, it is a pictursque point with a flowing river called Machali Nadi. It is called Fish Point because a certain type of fish is found here. This river plunges from a height of nearly 80m. Through the droplets and fog of the falling water, the hills look even more mesmerizing. For geologists and environmentalists, the point is of special importance. Various water sports can also be enjoyed here.


Parpatiya has unlimited natural beauty and heart-stirring surroundings. Many awe-inspiring points can be seen from Parpatiya which includes Bandarkot Mountains, Raksamada Caves, Dulha-Dulhan Mountain, Banrai Dam, Shyam Ghungutta Dams and Ramgarh Mountains. The Chhattisgarh Tourism Board has offers a spot for Adventure Sports here and travelers can enjoy paragliding here.

Mehta Point

It is located 8km away from Manipat which offers a spectacular waterfall which is embraced by tall mountain ranges. A must visit for all travelers, it is situated on the borders of Surguja and Raigarh. The Forest Department offers good facilities for a comfortable stay.

Dev Pravah (Jaljali)
It is beautiful stream located in Kamleshwar. Falling into an 80m waterfall, it's surrounding has an abundance of medicinal plants and herbs.